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The following articles are reprinted exactly as they appeared in The News.  Even though the city of New Richmond didn't officially get in to the airport business until the early '60's, area flying clubs kept aviation alive in western Wisconsin.

September 24, 1959


The Hawks Flying Club was created at a meeting here the night of Sept. 16 and a total of 13 local men put their $100 in the kitty for the expenses of buying an airplane, incorporation and other expenses such as insurance on the plane.

The charter members of the club are Fritz Friday, Merald Peterson, Mike Weber, Fred Andrea, Police Chief Gilbert Yakesh, Gordon Wears jr., Charles Feske, Ralph Germain, Roger Williams, Gene Cox and Jim McNally.  The other two were out of town at the time of the meeting but have definitely indicated they will become charter members of the club.

Two committees were appointed by President Fritz Friday, one to find a suitable plane and the other to locate a landing strip.

Chief Yakesh is chairman of the plane committee and has as assistants Andrea and Peterson.

The other committee is composted of Gordon Wears jr., chairman, Weber and Williams.

Almost half of the members will be taking instruction since they haven't as yet obtained their licenses.

Nine of the members were present at the meeting, four were unable to attend and one was present who will definitely join later.

Friday says there are just a few items to be taken care of before the club takes off such as a landing strip, incorporation, and an airplane but it is expected these will be taken care of shortly.

Person was elected secretary - treasurer of the Hawks Flying Club.

Monday, the club bought a 1947 Aeronca Champion airplane at Benson Field, White Bear Lake, Minn, for $850.

The plane, to be kept on a strip owned by Friday Canning Corporation north of the city, has a CAA license issued just recently for a one year period.  The license certifies that the plane has been completely inspected and is ready to fly.  

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