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The following articles are reprinted exactly as they appeared in The News


January 9, 1964


Over 30 planes landed on Cedar Lake Sunday, Jan. 5 for the annual fly-in breakfast at the Cedar Lake Resort. Many spectators stopped to watch the airplanes land and take off from the ice.

Although the day found a light snow falling, the temperature was in the 20’s and everyone found the breakfast and entertainment at its best. Planes from as far away as Superior, Red Wing, Siren, and Sandstone landed on the lake.

Donie Walsh said the breakfast was a big success with many people from New Richmond coming out for the breakfast. He said he plans to have the sky divers come for a show later in the year. Watch The News for this announcement.


March 26, 1964

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THE "WHODUNIT" question still hasn’t been answered following the erection of this sign at the new airport. Sometime during the night of Tuesday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, this sign was put at the airport. The mystery lies around the fact that the airport had unofficially been named "Idle Field" by the mayor and publisher of The News, as a fitting name.


April 23, 1964


The common council of the city of New Richmond met for their regular monthly meeting Monday, April 13 and disposed of the business at hand in short order. Absent from the meeting were mayor John A. Van Meter and Alderman Ernie Amundson.

An ordinance to annex the airport property to the city was read and approved and hearing will be had on the proposal.


June 18, 1964


(Mayor/Publisher John A. Van Meter’s personal column appearing each week)

Drove along hwy 65 north of the city the other day and noticed some heavy equipment apparently working on Idle Field airport. Gosh, so many of us can hardly wait for it to be opened and doing business. One of the first orders of business could be adopting some sort of an ordinance to keep noisy joy-riding planes out of the sky blue yonder over New Richmond during the hours folks want to take a nap. It could be!


June 25, 1964


(Mayor/Publisher John A. Van Meter’s personal column appearing each week)

Some sort of a hassle has developed around the municipal airport at Hartford, and at least for the time being it is more or less abandoned. It has been in operation for some three years and the operator has incurred a loss each year and finally quit.

New Richmond has its Idle Field airport that may be ready for ribbon-cutting this summer and little or no business to support the huge investment in the lay-out plus someone to keep it open & functioning.

It could be the only immediate use of our Idle Field airport will be to encourage noisy Sunday afternoon skylarking that is a nuisance to folks who would prefer to relax in peace & quiet.


July 16, 1964


The regular monthly meeting of the common council was held in the city offices at 105 S Main av. Monday evening, and it got a bit long-winded. The meeting started promptly at 7 p.m. and after 10:30 p.m. the city fathers still had one last piece of business to do. Present were Mayor John A. Van Meter, Alderman Wm R. Reese, Ray Brinkman, Donald Preble, Gilbert Yakesh and Ernie Cole. Walter Harrington, city clerk-treasurer, was on hand as was City Atty Joe W. Hughes and Director of Public Works Arnold G. Hamness, plus two or three spectators.

At the end of the meeting the city fathers adopted two ordinances pertaining to the municipal airport (Idle Field) in a matter of a few minutes and probably will be amending them at the next meeting, or soon thereafter. And when it came to making charges for use of the airport, the fathers didn’t do too good for the local taxpayers who probably never wanted Idle Field in the first place.


Advertisement in the July 16, 1964 issue of The News

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Get into the air where traveling is fun!  Memberships available in Hawks Flying Service New Richmond.  Choice of 2 or 4 place planes.  Memberships:   2 place plane $100.00, 4 place plane $400.00.  4 place membership allows you to fly 2 place plane, also.  Contact:  Gib Yakesh - Phone 246-2359 after 6 p.m.


October 13, 1964


Bill Peirson of the Electric Sales and Service company, New Richmond, was the successful bidder of the runway lighting contract for the installation of 46 low intensity runway lights at the airport. His bid of $915 was the lowest of four, over $3,000 less than the high bidder.

The contract with the aeronautics commission calls for the laying of 15,700 feet of wire and installing a wind cone light plus an apron flood light. The state will furnish all materials for the job.

Other bidders were Oconto Electric, Oconto, $1516; Northern Electricians, Osceola, $1600; and Household Electric, Kiel, $4100.



(Mayor/Publisher John A. Van Meter’s personal column appearing each week)

Is idle field airport going to turn into a Sunday noise nuisance with one or two planes flying too low over the city – mufflers would be nice, and after all this isn’t exactly a critical military area that we gotta have air "protection," or something.


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