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The following articles are reprinted exactly as they appeared in The News

January 12, 1967


Donie Walsh, operator of the Cedar Lake Resort will hold his ninth annual Fly-in breakfast Sunday Jan 15. Landings strips are being plowed on Cedar Lake and an even larger crowd than last year is expected.

Walsh will have a large area plowed on the ice for cars to park and it is expected that several dozen airplanes will be on hand for the breakfast. Airplane rides are generally available at the event.

May 11, 1967


The regular meeting of the common council for May was held Monday evening in the council chambers at the civic center, with all hands present: Mayor John A. Van Meter, Alderman Ray Brinkman, Wayne Cole, Leonard Peterson, Mark Movrich, Wm. R. Reese and Jim Drill.

Not a great deal of importance transpired during the meeting so far as the agenda was concerned.

St. Luke’s Luthern church filed a petition to have its property on the north side of hwy 64 and opposite Holy Family Hospital annexed to the city. This is the site the congregation has been considering on which to build a new edifice. The matter was referred to the city atty for his opinion and what could be done to include two homes east of the church site and fronting on hwy 64 which did not sign the petition of annexation.

Doughboy Industries informed the council that it had sold its airport hangar to M W Fairbrother of Star Prairie who plans to operate several small planes from the big hangar. Some time ago Doughboy disposed of its company plane and now uses ordinary commercial flights.

June 29, 1967


The Jaycees, at their meeting Wednesday, June 21, decided to sponsor two events and named chairmen to those events. John Schubert was named chairman of the third annual fly-in breakfast at the airport and Stan Barr was named in charge of arrangements for the canoe race during the Chamber of Commerce Fun Festival.

The fly-in breakfast will be held Sept 24 with the canoe race being held July 23.

Bud Anderson, president of the Jaycees, said the canoe race was so popular last year with over 20 entrants that it would probably attract many more this year. The race is between the Soo Line railroad bridge and the Main av bridge.

August 24, 1967


John Schubert, chairman of the third annual Jaycee breakfast Fly-in, has announced that the big event will take place at the New Richmond airport Sunday, Sept 24. The event is always a popular one with many pilots and their families from many miles around.

The program of the day will not be announced for at least a week, said Schubert, but it will be as exciting and enjoyable for the entire family as the previous two events.

The Jaycees sponsor the fly-in breakfast each year for two reasons. First it brings many people to the community who have never been to the city before, and secondly, probably the most important, it supplements the treasury of the organization so they can continue to accomplish civic projects such as an annual scholarship, bike safety program, the junior champ track and field meet, the driving rodeo for teenagers and several other projects.

Tickets are on sale from all Jaycees and at Jack’s Barber shop.

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