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May 7, 1970

Highway 64 corridors are revealed

Four alternate routes for the proposed bypass of New Richmond by highway 64 were outlined by members of teh state highway commission at a meeting at the civic center.
Marv Shaffer, district engineer detailed the need for planning of a highway 64 corridor from Stillwater through New Richmond including bypasses at Houlton and Somerset.
The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize the members of the town board, village board and city council of the area with the highway planning.   It was also designed to obtain preferences of these groups of the various routes.
Attending were members of the town boards of Somerset, St. Joseph, Richmond, Star Prairie, and Stanton and councilmen from Somerset and New Richmond.
Shaffer and his assistants, Norm Ewert and Marty Beekman and Ken Trieg, showed maps of the alternative corridors and explained the problems of using those corridors from which more detailed planning would by made.
Shaffer said the new highway would be and expressway I type which is a highway with limited grade accesses and interchanges at major intersections.  It would have a right of way of about 350 feet with a 60 foot median strip.

New Richmond Plans

At New Richmond, two northern and two southern corridors were suggested.  One route would be north of the airport, another between the airport and the city.  A southern route would be about a half mile south of the city and another would be about a mile south of the city.
The far north and the far southern routes would split up good farmlands, some of the best in the area.  The other southern routes would also cut into some good farmland east of the city before it connected with the present 64 route.
The route between the airport and the city appeared the most practical to some people attending the meeting.  Beekman said sounding of the Hayfield [sic.] lake showed that it would not create a great deal of trouble.
A more major problem according to Beekman was fitting of an interchange into highway 64-65 intersection.  Homes, business and a railroad track dot the area.
One consideration which was made was that the entrance to the city to the interchange be made to the west of the Soo Line tracks.
Another consideration was a greater flow of traffic would be generated through the streets of New Richmond if the northern route was picked.
Several people questioned the engineers on the cost of the various routes but they were unable to estimate the cost schedule for such projects.  Shaffer said it is possible that some construction could begin in 1974.
The state is projecting such a project would be completed by 1990.  However, the highway 64 reroute has been a priority project for several years.
Note:  The STH 64 project was officially completed in November of 2006

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