New Richmond Regional Airport has shovel ready hangar sites to build even during the winter.  Standard size hangars (60' wide x 54' or 60' deep) can be leased immediately (ten minute process).  Non-standard sizes require approval by the Airport Commission.  


For rent

FBO hangar 11-12, heated space for a twin, turbo prop or up to a mid-size jet.  Available immediately.  Pull in and out services plus fuel discounts available, and conference room.  Priced by the square foot and month to month is an option.  Contact 715-246-5338

Private hangar 12-10, unheated space (can be heated) in a 10,000 square foot facility for piston singles, twins, up to a King Air 200.  Available immediately  $150 per month for singles.  Two hangar doors.  Contact 715-246-7735

Corporate hangar 11-19, heated space in a new hangar coming in 2018.  Space will be shared with a Gulfstream IV.  Turbo prop through super mid-size.  28' door.  Pull in and out services, plus office space available.  One year lease.  Contact 715-246-5338

Corporate hangar 20-2, heated space in an immaculate 80' x 80' hangar.  TBM or light twin would fit well.  Currently housing a Learjet 60.  The renter aircraft would be parked in front.  Contact



To build

Download a hangar area layout PDF HERE

 The link to the available lots is above.  These hangar lots are located on the far north end of the airport.  Row 15 can accommodate 60' x 54' hangars, row 16 and above can accommodate 60' x 60' hangars and larger in some cases.  Business size hangar space is available on the northeast side of the airport with no preset sizes.   Current lot pricing is $.10 per square foot per year.  Contact 715-246-7735


Hangar 6-1, South hangar area.  60 wide x 100' long hangar with two hangar doors, office areas, well, heated.  Contact