New Richmond Regional Airport, new richmond wi


5,507 foot primary asphalt runway with precision RNAV approaches, mirl, reil, papi 150 foot blast pads

2,100 foot crosswind turf runway

Airspace is controlled by minneapolis approach control.  ifr clearances can be obtained through a gco 121.725 on the ground or airborne on 121.2 after passing 200' agl.

Plenty of ramp space, with 20 plug in outlets and 27 tie downs

CTAF - 122.975

Access to Hatfield Lake on the south side of the airport for sea planes.  

We don't get a lot of snow, but if it does get a little winter-like, we have top notch snow removal 24 hours per day.  We love bare pavement!  Our fleet consists of four trucks, two sweepers, one loader with pusher plow, and 2 snow blowers together capable of moving 4700 tons of snow per hour.

We use liquid E-36 runway deicer when necessary.  Braking action is accurately reported using an approved friction meter.

Our partner FBO offers aircraft deicing using a bucket truck and type I and type IV deicing fluid.  Full service (6a-11p) with complimentary after hours service and self service (24 hours) jet and avgas fuel is available Crew cars and rental vehicles are available through the full service FBO location.  For all fueling and ground handling capabilities, go to the FBO website

The airport was established in 1964 and is owned by the City of New Richmond.  A seven member commission oversees the facility.